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Large Language Model Tutorials

Node + React + Langchain Explainer: How to chat with your documents 😱
Building Large Language Models (LLMs) into your apps has never been easier. With frameworks like Langchain JS we can easily integrate LLMs into existing web applications. In this explainer we’ll walk through how to build a fullstack LLM app using Node, React, and Langchain. Setup & Chat To save…
Build a Node app with a HuggingFace conversational model
How to use a template Github repo to start a node app with a prompt for a HuggingFace conversational model.
Build an LLM app with Node, React, and LangChain.js
In this tutorial, we’ll run a large language model application in Javascript using Node, React, and Langchain. This tutorial will use an LLM React Node app template to get the project started. This tutorial assumes the reader is familiar with Git, Node, React, and Yarn. First, clone the LLM React

Video Engineering Tutorials

Slow down or fast-forward? Edit video speeds with your terminal
A fun and easy effect you can add to your videos is to play with the playback speed. You can use this to breathe new life into an existing video – slow it down for some dramatic effect, or speed it up to give it that montage look. Either way you
Create videos from your documents
Sometimes it’s easier to communicate ideas with video. People can watch videos at their leisure, take in information at their own pace, and pause when needed. For presenters, sharing information over video frees up time that would’ve otherwise been spent in a meeting presenting the information. If y…
Make your videos watchable across browsers
In order to make your videos watchable across browsers, you’re going to need a few versions of your video to make sure it’s supported across different browsers. With HTML5, we can use the <video> element to list multiple video sources and a browser will play the first one it supports. HTML5</video>
Update your media files to speed up your website
Learn how to use FFmpeg to transform your media files to create smaller file sizes, faster download times, and speed up your websites.

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Open-sourced library for working with media files
Sharing a library of scripts for common use cases when working with media files - resize images, extract thumbnails from video, and more.