Cosmos Product Releases April 2023

Over the past few weeks we’ve been hard at work tinkering behind the scenes to bring you a new version of Cosmos, inspired by you - our amazing users!

Here’s a peak under the hood at what’s new:

  • Embed Livestream: Convert more visitors to paying customers with an embedded livestream on your site.
  • Record and & Download Livestream: Cosmos now automatically records your streams and lets you download them in seconds!

Embed Livestream

Since we released Cosmos, the online stores we’ve worked with have told us they want to increase conversion rates on their website using video. We listened and made your livestreams embeddable within any page on your website! With just a few lines of code, your livestream can be a part of any visitor’s experience when they shop with you. It also makes sharing your stream easier because you can direct viewers to your website and they can start watching right away!

Here's how to access this feature in Cosmos:

Record & Download Livestream

One of the most powerful use cases for livestreaming is the ability to generate video content for social media. With this in mind, we made it so that anytime you livestream, it’s automatically recorded and added to your library of Cosmos streams.

We’ve heard from customers that they want to spend less time and money sourcing UGC and influencer content and more time posting content they already generated from their streams. That’s why we made it easy to download past livestreams so they can be posted to youtube, spliced into shorter clips for TikTok, and IG Reels, or edited into clips for product pages (as well as any other cool ideas you can come up with!).

P.S. Check back soon, we’ll be adding the ability to embed the recording on your site, edit the recording and add post production effects to the video in the near future!

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